Financial Accounting With Tally ERP9 Course Training and Internship

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Welcome to Testbook's Financial Accounting Course to upskill. Now learn to strategize, & advance your Tally skills. On completion, avail certificates for training and internship as well! download-iconDownload Course Curriculum
Industry Level Tutors
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What will you learn?

  • Basic Features of Tally
  • How to Create a Company in Tally
  • Invoice & Bill Generation in Tally
  • Payroll in Tally
  • GST in Tally
  • Stock & Inventory Management in Tally
  • How to Approach any Project in Tally
  • How to Prepare for Tally Interviews
  • How to Search for Tally Jobs

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Course Introduction

Welcome to Testbook's Financial Accounting Course to upskill. Now learn to strategize, & advance your Tally skills. On completion, avail certificates for training and internship as well!

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How to Approach the Course

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Course Features & Benefits

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30th Aug 2021

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Tally Projects & How to Approach them

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Course Features & Benefits

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4th Sep 2021

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User Interface and Company Management

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Basic Tally Accounting

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Course Curriculum & Syllabus

download-iconDownload Course Curriculum
Course Features & Benefits
How to Approach the Course
LIVE CLASSDemo20 mins . Video
How to Become a Tally Pro As a Beginner
LIVE CLASS20 mins . Video
Tally Projects & How to Approach them
LIVE CLASSDemo20 mins . Video

Know Your Teachers

Ashish Sharma..

Computer Fundamental, Microsoft Office, Advance Excel, Tally ERP Expert | 8+ Years Experience | B. Sc, IT from CCS University


Ashish Sharma is an Ex- Computer Studies Faculty of Modern Institute. With his unique blend of teaching concepts point to point along with the necessary practical application has made 1500+ students climb the success ladder in Govt. Exams.

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More about Financial Accounting With Tally ERP9 Course Training and Internship

Welcome to Financial Accounting with Tally ERP9 Course Training & Internship by Testbook Select, where you will learn the A to Z of financial accounting using Tally and start a successful career in a Financial Accountant furiously competitive environment!

The Financial Accounting with Tally ERP9 Course will qualify you for all account-related activities, such as managing records in any small to large corporation or company, and keeping transactional account information. 

During the sessions, students will have the opportunity to learn and implement GST using real-time ongoing Supplier and Customer Data related to Sales and Purchase Material Transactions. We will also prepare you for all of the basic to advanced level GST concepts so that every student can implement the GST Concept.

We have already taken the example of financial industries where knowledge of Tally Software with GST is allowed and required, such as manufacturing firms, trading, private service sectors, project-based businesses, and so on, during the Tally Course.

This GST study in Tally Classes has been created with the goal of improving students' knowledge of Tally ERP9 in all aspects so that they can find a job sooner and begin a tremendous journey with us.

One of our distinguishing qualities with our internship is that we will issue two distinct certificates to candidates. A certificate for Testbook Training and a certificate for Testbook Internship. Both certificates will include a list of requirements that candidates must meet before they can proudly exhibit them on their resume.

This course primarily focuses on Tally ERP 9 training as well as understanding and implementing the GST concept. The student will pay specific attention to the taxation concept and its application utilising Tally courses in Pune procedures, which include processing and recording transaction data. Learning Tally Software and GST Concept Processing and Implementation from our Financial Mentor is valuable in and of itself, making the training unique and relevant for future career opportunities. Book your seats for the Financial Accounting with Tally ERP9 course at Testbook Select immediately before the enrolment closes!!

Financial Accountant- Roles and Responsibilities

 A Financial Accountant is in charge of an organisation's accounting and financial operations. They examine the company's financial soundness and give financial data to other departments, allowing them to make budgeting and investment decisions. Costs, productivity, margins, and firm expenditures are all reported by a financial accountant. Here are the key responsibilities of the financial accountant:

  • Creating monthly profit and loss statements as well as balance sheet reports.

  • Inventory management and tax reporting.

  • Data collection and analysis, which is then utilised to create weekly and monthly forecasts.

  • Providing funding estimates for projects.

  • Reporting on key performance indicators.

  • Controlling expenditure and cash flow through preparing weekly cash flow statements.

  • Assisting with the creation of year-end and statutory financial statements.

  • Gathering and evaluating data in response to financial enquiries Conducting internal audits, such as wage reviews.

  • Examining financial records to ensure that they are accurate.

  • Managing and training employees as needed

​Scope of Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 in India

Tally is used by a large number of corporate enterprises. Tally ERP 9 is an accounting software package. Tally. Almost all Indian taxes are covered by the ERP 9 bookkeeping software. Our job in these Tally seminars is to provide thorough Tally training. With job work, ERP9 software. This programme is only advised if students have a basic understanding of accounting/journal entries, as well as the concepts of inventory and taxation.

We recommend our Accounts and Taxation Expert Course for many new students. The Accounts Expert Course includes all of the content from the course. The demand for accountants is expanding as a result of the diverse demands of various businesses. Eligible candidates can find work in the public, private, or non-profit sectors. A range of job titles are available, including clerk, payroll clerk, and accounts clerk.

Salary for Financial Accountant  

The knowledge of Tally opens a number of avenues for you in the market. An entry-level Financial Accountant with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total compensation of INR 334,810 (which includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay). An early career Financial Accountant with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total salary of INR 333,948. A mid-career Financial Accountant with 5-9 years of experience gets an average total salary of INR 508,005. And an experienced Financial Accountant with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total salary of INR 639,844. Employees with a late career (20 years or more) earn an average total remuneration of INR 661,287.

Career Prospects for Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

Tally has a growing domestic and worldwide market. Students can work as freelance accountants in small and medium firms, assisting with accounting issues. Account management is one of the most important aspects of any company's operations, and it's crucial to its success. Tally courses give professionals industry-recognised tally knowledge, allowing them to advance in their jobs faster than their peers.

Accountants are employed in both the public and private sectors. If you want to pursue a career as an accountant, you have a wide range of alternatives. Under this course, you can apply for a variety of employment. It is also possible to work outside of India.

Every business needs an accountant to monitor and preserve the company's financial records. It allows the company to assess its success or failure and make plans for the future. In this profession, there are a variety of job opportunities.Chartered accountants can find lucrative jobs in both India and other nations.

In this field, one can pursue a career as a teacher. Accountancy firms, insurance companies, and banks all have job openings. You also work for private groups or businesses.

Job Profiles after Financial Accounting Course

  • Financial Managers 

  • Financial Controllers 

  • Financial Advisors 

  • Directors 

  • Certified Public Accountant 

  • Chief Financial Officer 

  • Chartered Management Accountant

  • Company Secretary 

Features of Financial Accounting with Tally ERP Certificate Course

Candidates who join in the Financial Accounting with Tally ERP Course will receive plenty of perks and benefits. Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Tally Accounting Classes is an important skill set that will help candidates stand out from the crowd while applying for jobs. Here's everything you need to know about Testbook Select's Financial Accounting Course:-

  • 45+ Live Classes: Our Tally Course for Beginners includes live problem-solving sessions led by our experts to help you understand the many approaches of Financial Accounting through assignments and how to use them in the professional area. 

  • 20+ Practice Sets: Because no course is complete without the candidates practising the concepts and topics they have learned, we have included 30+ practise sets for them to use to improve their knowledge and learn how to apply what they have learned. 

  • 20+ PDF Notes: This Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Course includes  thorough notes and study resources. This saves you time and energy by allowing you to access the notes as well as all of the reference resources in one package.

  • 350+ Practice Questions: The Tally Course includes approximately 350+ practise questions and 30+ practise sets to help you plan out your financial accounting approaches thoroughly. Throughout the practical sessions, the mentors will be present to guide and tutor you.

  • Bilingual Classes: Our specialised trainers will make your knowledge of the contents much easier, both in English and in Hindi, which will help candidates cross any language barriers faced by them. 

  • Training Certification: Testbook Select's Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Course will provide you with a certificate that will enhance the value of your profile. Attend the course from the convenience of your own home and receive a credential that will set you apart from the competition. Please note that in order to receive this certificate, candidates must first complete and pass a certification exam, following which they will receive their certificate.

  • Assistive Project/ Assignments: There are XX+ Practical Assistive Assignments once you complete the Financial Accounting with Tally ERP Course to help you understand the practical industry involvement of this course. These assignments are intended for candidates to complete independently. However, there is no need to be concerned. Throughout the course, our specialists and trainers will be accessible to assist you whenever you become trapped.

  • Instructor Guided Course: Financial Accounting Course was designed with the needs of all types of learners in mind, from college students to working professionals. Anyone, at any time, can participate in the online sessions. The training is instructor-led and includes adequate mentoring! You'll have the freedom to think and finish the course using the concepts at your own pace.

  • Internship Certification: Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to apply what they've learned in class to real-world situations at Testbook. Upon accomplishment of specific conditions, students will be awarded an internship certificate. This internship certification in financial accounting will enhance your CV and help you advance in your profession.

Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course Certifications

Candidates who pass the final training test with a score of at least 60% will receive a Financial Accounting Course certificate at the end of the course. Candidates can also get the Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course Internship if they complete an internship assignment and get at least 50% on it. Candidates should be aware that there are no additional fees associated with these credentials.

What Will You Learn?

At Testbook Select’s Financial Accounting Course, you will learn the following fundamentals that are required to become a successful financial accountant:

  • Basic Features of Tally ERP 9

  • Advanced Features of Tally ERP9

  • Stock Inventory Management

  • Company Payroll

  • Taxation & Billing

Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course will teach you the fundamentals, strategies, and concepts that will help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your expertise as a financial accountant. 

Highlights of the Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

  • Industry Level Tutors: The quality of Testbook Select is un-compromised; we provide each specialised course that matches current industry norms. We offer industry-level mentors with a wide range of knowledge and experience to help you understand what the financial accounting business requires of you.

  • Assistive Projects/ Assignments: We have a number of Assistive Projects/Assignments that are quite relevant to today's industry. You'll be able to master the concepts much more effectively and have an extraordinary potential to outperform the competition if you comprehend the demands. This will also give you the assurance that you will be able to start and continue a successful career in financial accounting. 

  • Training and Internship Certificate: Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course provides candidates with the Training and Financial Accounting Internship certificates at the end of the course.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Due to increased expansion in financial services, the Financial Accounting Course has progressed dramatically over time. Accounting has exploded in recent years as everything has become computerised. The following are some of the reasons why one should enrol in a Financial Accounting Course:

  • While many accounting majors begin their careers in public accounting and stay in that field, there are a plethora of other alternatives and career pathways available to you!

  • As an accountant, you'll have to adhere to ever-changing regulations. There's always something new to learn, and there are opportunities to advance your career.

  • You may be asked questions about which you are unsure; in these cases, consider your networks and chances for professional development. One of the best aspects about being an accountant is that every day is different. As you take on new tasks and solve difficulties, there will never be a dull time.

  • Accountants are well-respected business specialists, and accounting is regarded as one of the most reliable fields. Wherever you work, you will become a trusted counsellor to others, and your input will be valued when making business decisions.

  • As an accountant, you will be tasked with resolving real-world business issues. Your accounting education will enable you to deliver reliable data to your organisation, which will be utilised in decision-making.

Benefits of the Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

  • One of the most competitive courses you can learn and implement in your working life.

  • In the future, the field of financial accounting will have more respect and opportunities for enrolment.

  • Virtual live courses that are completely secure, especially in the event of a general lockdown

  • Candidates can participate in online video sessions at their leisure.

  • Instructor-led course designed to provide you flexibility while studying from industry experts and completing relevant tasks to prepare you to work as an independent financial accountant.

  • Certificates can only appear to add value to your profile and help you pass recruiting interviews.

Relevance of the Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

Financial management enables an organisation to make the best use of its resources. The following three actions are used to accomplish this.

  1. Investment decision - Also known as capital budgeting, investment decision depicts investing in a fixed asset. Long-term and short-term investment decisions are both possible.

  • Long-term investment decisions allow funds to be committed to resources such as fixed assets. Long-term investment decisions influence a company's success and its capacity to meet financial objectives over time.
  • Short-term investment decisions, often known as working capital finance decisions, imply allocating cash to existing assets. It includes investments in inventories, liquid cash, and other funds that are held for a shorter length of time. Short-term investment decisions have a direct impact on an organisation's liquidity and performance.
  1. Financing choice – This area of financial management identifies the numerous resources that can be used to raise funds. There are two categories of them:

  • The sources and prospective applications of accumulated cash are estimated in financial planning decisions. It is critical to make sound financial planning decisions in order to ensure that finances are available when needed.

  • Choosing a capital structure necessitates identifying multiple funding sources. It makes it easier to choose the best external sources for short- or long-term financial needs.

  1. Dividend decision - This refers to decisions made about the allocation of net profits. It is separated into two groups -

  • Shareholders receive a dividend.

  • Retained profits (depending on the expansion and diversification objectives of a specific company).


Dates to remember for Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

Launch Date

28th August 2021

Class Start Date

20th September 2021

Class End Date

2nd December 2021

Faculty of Financial Accounting and Tally ERP9 Course

Candidates will be taught by Ashish Sharma, one of the world's most brilliant and experienced mentors. The tutor has unrivalled experience in the field of Finance Accounting and will help you to develop your skills to the same level as theirs. It will be an honour to be mentored and directed by them in this important step toward your achievement.



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Why should I enroll for the "Financial Accounting With Tally ERP9 Course Training and Internship"?
“Financial Accounting With Tally ERP9 Course Training and Internship” is a live & video course designed by industry experts which will help you gain the required skill in Tally. This course will help you understand Tally through live classes, video modules, quizzes and assignments. The live classes are practical classes where students get to clear their doubts and solve assignments. In order to learn theoretically, there are video lessons to access. The complete amalgamation of live classes and video lessons will make a student industry-ready.
What is the structure of the Testbook Internship Course?
The major highlight of the Testbook Internship course is that the enrolled candidates will be given an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the course. On the basis of the taught curriculum, the candidates will be provided with the internship opportunity wherein they will be required to solve a real life problem statement. This will ensure that the candidates get to learn theoretical as well as practical aspects..
How do I get the Training certificate?
You will be eligible to get the Training certificate once you have completed 50% of the course and achieved a score of atleast 60% in the certification test. The certification test will be live as soon as the student completes 50% of the course.
How do I get the Internship certificate?
You will get the Internship certificate after you have completed 60% of the total course and you have secured more than 50% in the Internship Project Evaluation.
When will the Internship Project happen?
The Internship Project will be live once the whole course has been completed.
How will the Training & Internship certificate help me?
The Training certificate that you get after the completion of this course, will help you in getting various job opportunities such as internships, full-time and even get to freelance. This will prove to be a good earning opportunity.
Will I get a hard copy or a soft copy of the certificates?
You will get a soft copies of the certificates at your registered email address.
Do I need to pay extra for the certifications?
No, you don’t have to pay any extra cost for the certification test, certificate or the Internship Project.
What are Assignment classes?
Assignment classes are designed specifically for doubt clearing of the students. These are live classes where problems and assignments based on a specific topic will be conducted. These classes are beneficial once the student has watched the basics through video lessons.
Will theory be taught in live classes?
The complete theory will be covered in video lessons. The live classes on the other hand will be specifically for problem-solving and getting acquainted with hands-on projects. It is advised for the students to go through the video lessons and then attend the live classes for a clear understanding.
What are Assisted Projects?
Assisted projects have been designed so that students get to apply the concepts that they have learnt in the classes. They are real-life projects that go along with the course in order to teach how to do a project in real life. Problem statements will be provided to the students and they will solve them and then self assess them on the basis of the solution provided by faculty in the Assisted Project Live Classes
Will I be able to ask doubts? How?
Yes, after you have purchased the course, click on the “Doubts & Discussion” tab on your course dashboard and ask for any course-related doubts.
What happens if I don’t complete all the scheduled activities?
We encourage you to follow the course schedule and complete all the activities on time. But in case you are unable to do so due to some reason, you will have access to all the course content until the pass expires.
Can the classes be downloaded?
Yes. You will be able to download the classes on the Testbook App.
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Testbook Pass is a special membership pass that unlocks all the tests under all the exams available on Testbook. With Testbook Pass, you can take unlimited tests. Now you can focus on your exam preparation and not on which test series to purchase.
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You can renew the Testbook Pass anytime, just like you purchased it. Since the Pass has already been purchased, the renewal can be done by navigating to the page where plans are available. Once the renewal process has been completed, validity of your Pass will be extended accordingly.
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Will I get any report card after the test?
Yes, you will get a detailed analysis of your performance after submitting the test. You will also receive an email with your test report.
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Will all of my attempted tests be available during the Pass validity period?
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I am not able to access My Tests, what should I do?
Mostly, your Testbook Pass has expired and you need to renew it. If that’s not the case, please write to [email protected]
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